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Where to source data for cold calling and emailing?

Where to source leads for cold calling and emailing?

Generating raw leads and business contact numbers is one of the most important aspect of any B2B sales and marketing campaign. In fact if you source the right data nearly half of the work is already done. Generally in multi national organizations there is a dedicated data team, which only focuses on sourcing data and then giving it to the Sales team. This Data team sources, prepares and then uploads the data to the CRM. This final data is generally considered leads in these organization and are ready to be distributed among the sales representatives. 

For smaller organizations generally the task of sourcing data is done by sales or marketing team. Here I am listing down few of the sources which according to me are the best sources to generate B2B leads for US market: 

Top Data Providers: (Buy Data from them directly)

Top Scraping sources: (Use scrapping tools/Manual Scraping to take data)


Top Data Service providers: ( Buy their services, very precise but slightly costly)

  1. Zoominfo
  2. Lead411
  4. Dataaxlegenie
  5. Uplead

Software's for extraction: (Software used for auto extraction)


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